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React Native Training

Jivantu Tech is provide best React Native training in pune for better and mordern android & iOS apps & web application development . Today React Native is most popular for web application & mobile application development and it communicate with larger developer . So let us join Jivantu to get better classes for React Native to make students skillful for their better future.

React Native: React Native is a JavaScript framework used for developing a real, native mobile apps for iOS and Android. It uses only JavaScript to build a mobile application. It is like React, which uses native component rather than using web components as building blocks.

History of React Native

Facebook develops the React Native in 2013 for their internal project Hackathon. Later on, it was released publically in January 2015 as React.js, and in March 2015, Facebook announced that React Native is open and available on GitHub.

React Native was initially developed for the iOS application. However, recently it also supports the Android operating system

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