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Software Testing Training

Jivantu Tech is one of the leading and trusted training centre in pune providing a best training for software testing where many students are coming every month for software testing training / course in pune because it is a reason of a better training quality at affordable cost. Jivantu tech having a well qualified and expert software testing trainer who will provide you a industry level software testing process & techniques

What is Software Development ?

Software Testing is a process of an investigation used to ensure the quality, completeness and correctness of developed software application. It includes a set of activities carried-out with the intent of finding errors and defects in the software, so that it could be corrected before the product is released to the use for end users.
As the number of possible tests for any software components is practically infinite, all software testing uses some strategy to select tests that are feasible for the available time and resources. The job of testing is an iterative process as when one bug is fixed, it can illuminate other errors, deeper errors and defects , or can even create any new ones.

Why Software Testing ?

After the design and development of any type of software it have some type of error and defects during its uses , So to solve this type of errors and defects in software engineering used many software techniques and process to resolved it and provides a good quality of software from software Development Company to end users.